Charging and control for optimizing the efficiency of batteries

GOT designed a process which analyses the battery state, thanks to a hardware and software technology with a constant monitoring of the battery performances. This process allows an automatic system reprogramming and proceeds with the management of the most suitable profile to improve the battery performances. Your batteries, used in industrial and civil sectors, from now on, can rely on a qualified service for a correct, scheduled maintenance.

Battery Charger

Line of electric chargers dedicated to the business and consumer worlds

Battery Discharger

Wide range of professional dischargers


Supply of Technical Fluid for battery regeneration and maintenance


IT system highly specialised in monitoring


Software control and management system: discharger, charger and batteries


Control Station for the maintenance and treatment of batteries

The remote control and the automation

BatMon is a new computer system which detects the data about batteries thanks to appropriate sensors and devices. Once the set of batteries has been received and the work cycle has been assigned, the system will automatically detect the identifying data about every single element and it will consistently read the parameters required for their regeneration. The system, based on a web interface, is connected to every single machine and it will transmit the collected data to the system which automatically evaluate and suggest which kind of process is necessary. Once the cycle has been finished, BatMon will make a printable report with all the data and curves of every single element, both in a graphic form and in a tabular format. Moreover, the system is connected to a central server including the profiles and the archived cycles. If the server connection misses, BatMon will finish the running cycle and it will not wake until the connection is restored. The included sensors are voltage, PH (acidity) and temperature, and it can integrate the management of acid liquid and LQ1 liquid levels through an addition and discharge system. Thanks to BatMon, a monitored process will be achieved.

A simple and intuitive process

The operation sequences of BatMon:

  • Acceptance and Identification
  • Operator identification
  • Origin identification
  • Cycle creation
  • The system automatically recognises the elements (RFID version) through RFID, or it allows to list the connected elements through machine-readable (Barcode version).
  • Management of the authorisation at the beginning of the process through the detection of the connected elements
  • Analysis of the cycle in real time
  • Final report and historical analysis of the process.

Analysis and Reporting

The system analyses in real time the temperature, the current and PH, and it points out the elements which present anomalies during the operating cycle. It can carry out the placing and the intake of the necessary LQ1 liquid (optional) and it establishes which profile is necessary. BatMon constantly communicates to the GOT remote servers to ensure the best control and efficiency, thanks to team of willing specialists who will analyse the data and they will evaluate which kind of actions are necessary.

The battery monitoring and analysis WiFi system

Bat-One is a simple battery voltage monitoring and analysis system. Suitable for 12 and 24 v batteries. Bat-One broadcasts via WiFi and is accessible from any browser using its Serial Number. Centralized management of multiple Bat-One is possible thanks to a simple and intuitive dashboard.