Charging and control for optimizing the efficiency of batteries

GOT designed a process which analyses the battery state, thanks to a hardware and software technology with a constant monitoring of the battery performances. This process allows an automatic system reprogramming and proceeds with the management of the most suitable profile to improve the battery performances. Your batteries, used in industrial and civil sectors, from now on, can rely on a qualified service for a correct, scheduled maintenance.

Battery Charger

Line of electric chargers dedicated to the business and consumer worlds

Battery Discharger

Wide range of professional dischargers


Supply of Technical Fluid for battery regeneration and maintenance


IT system highly specialised in monitoring


Control Station for the maintenance and treatment of batteries

The automatic discharger which improves the charge of your battery

DP2 is a set of automatic battery dischargers designed for the maintenance world and the battery regeneration. These devices performe preset automatic charging/discharging cycles, in order to measure the real capacity of the Nickel batteries and, soon, Lithium batteries, according to the rules, and in conjuction with CH1, to carry out through suitable profiles about the recharging cycles. DP2, in addition to evaluate the efficiency of your battery, performs deasphalting cycles to retrieve the capacity of the battery.

Local control software

The Software lets DP2 communicate to a local PC, in order to monitor all the operating parameters in real-time and to download the data. The software displays all the basic parameters of the cycles.

  • DISCHARGE: discharging time, downloaded Ah, final voltage reached by cell, ambient temperature.
  • CHARGE: Time and Ah of charging, first phase (before the achievement of the Gas point 2,4Vc), time and Ah of charging, second phase (after the achievement of the Gas point), in addition it is possible to visualize diagrams about the current and voltage and to export them in Excel format, in order to have a more in-depth analysis of the battery behaviour.
DP1 Battery Discharger

The series of discharger with USB port to download and display data

DP3 is a series of 12KW Battery Chargers designed for the world of battery maintenance and regeneration. The device can also be put in parallel with a Master - Slave configuration to obtain higher power devices. The DP3 are single-phase devices for 230 Vac mains voltages for batteries with a voltage between 2/120 V and discharge current equal to 150 A for 80V models, and 120A for 96V models. They are equipped with a USB port to download data and display them in a dedicated software.

DP1 Battery Discharger

The series of discharger designed for the most difficult working environments

DP4 is an extremely robust and compact series of active component battery discharge switches, designed for the most difficult working environments, thanks to a cooling system that does not involve electronic components. It is a single-phase battery charger, with universal input 100-240Vac, 50/60 Hz.

DP1 Battery Discharger