Charging and control for optimizing the efficiency of batteries

GOT designed a process which analyses the battery state, thanks to a hardware and software technology with a constant monitoring of the battery performances. This process allows an automatic system reprogramming and proceeds with the management of the most suitable profile to improve the battery performances. Your batteries, used in industrial and civil sectors, from now on, can rely on a qualified service for a correct, scheduled maintenance.

Battery Charger

Line of electric chargers dedicated to the business and consumer worlds

Battery Discharger

Wide range of professional dischargers


Supply of Technical Fluid for battery regeneration and maintenance


IT system highly specialised in monitoring


Software control and management system: discharger, charger and batteries


Control Station for the maintenance and treatment of batteries

CBN Cabina

The industrial regeneration cabin

CBN is a containment cabin designed to perform the whole regeneration process of the battery in complete safety and respecting the norms. Its aim is to control the working conditions of the operator, to minimise the environmental impact. The vacuum system of the cabin allows to control the gas or acids emission during the charging and discharging cycles, especially hydrogen (H2) which could be harmful to health and it could cause explosions. Inside the cabin there is a collector tank for acids in excess of the batteries. CBN is designed for the total integration with the automatic GOT systems, that is to say the RE vision and BatMon, to improve the wiring phases and the data acquisition of the batteries.

Safety and integration

CBN is a cabin which allows to automate the regeneration process, to control and monitor the environmental conditions and to preserve the health of operators. The cabin system allows the best integration with the Re vision and BatMon softwares. (voltage, density, temperature, and internal resistance) are the basic parameters which are accurately collected and makes the actiond efficient and suitable for every single element.

A solid structure with vacuum system

CBN is a working cabin and, inside it, a battery compartment can be placed. It includes a fume suction system and its chassis frame is able to contain, for every cell, the monitoring system, the extraction system and liquid injection.
The CBN is composed of:

  • A lower and upper vaccum system
  • A support trellis for the monitoring system and liquid injection and extraction.
  • A tank designed for seating battery elements, which, thans to its spacial shape, allows the collection of liquids in excess poured out the batteries. The collected liquids are flown outside the battery.
CBN Cabina