Charging and control for optimizing the efficiency of batteries

GOT designed a process which analyses the battery state, thanks to a hardware and software technology with a constant monitoring of the battery performances. This process allows an automatic system reprogramming and proceeds with the management of the most suitable profile to improve the battery performances. Your batteries, used in industrial and civil sectors, from now on, can rely on a qualified service for a correct, scheduled maintenance.

Battery Charger

Line of electric chargers dedicated to the business and consumer worlds

Battery Discharger

Wide range of professional dischargers


Supply of Technical Fluid for battery regeneration and maintenance


IT system highly specialised in monitoring


Control Station for the maintenance and treatment of batteries


CH3 is a very high frequency battery-charger

CH3 is a very high frequency battery-charger, available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 kW power range. Like all of our range of battery-chargers for regeneration, CH3 has a programmable and reconfigurable charge profile, available for all battery types: Lead Acid, gel, AGM, Nickel, Lithium, and especially for all the regeneration charging curves designed by us. The charger has a PFC that provides a power factor of 0.998 and a ZVS architecture that enables a yield of over 90%. The UltraFlex version is a battery-charger that can be programmed with a very wide range of battery voltages and charge currents, and with the choice of 8 different programmable and configurable charge profiles.

The battery-charger is supplied with a SW that enables charge profile modification, personalisation, export and charging, as well as saving on PC cycle historical data and voltage and current charts. The battery-charger has in its memory the data from the previous 50 charge cycles and the charts from the previous 20 days.

Modifying, customizing and exporting charging profiles

SW allows to design any sort of charging curve, defining up to 7 phases which can be at constant or at decreasing current, constant voltage, constant power. The curve can be finished with pulse equalisation cycles, periodically repeatable and completely customizable in current, voltage and time frame (Equilizing), or with a constant current phase, with the maintenance of the charge (Float).
This programming flexibility allows to make profiles highly suitable for batteries treatment, for all the available technologies (Pb, Ni, Li).

CH1 Battery charger

CH4 is a series of High Frequency battery chargers designed for the most difficult environments

CH4 is a series of extremely robust and compact High Frequency battery chargers, designed for the most difficult working environments, thanks to a cooling system that does not involve electronic components. It is a range of products with three-phase power supply, 360-440Vac,50/60 Hz. It has 8 charging curves, easily recalled from the keypad. In addition, the power moduleis parallel and therefore enables models up to 12 kW


CH5 is a series of extremely compact and lightweight High Frequency battery chargers

CH5 is a series of extremely compact and lightweight High Frequency battery chargers. It is a range of single-phase products, 210-250Vac, 50/60 Hz. Equipped with a simple user interface with 3 LEDs that indicate the status of the battery charger It has 5 charging curves, easily recalled with external programming device. In addition, the power module is parallel and therefore allows models up to 4KW to be created.