15 years of experience, always focusing on innovation

GOT, formed by a group of engineers with decades of experience in planning and construction of charge and discharge systems, and with a long commercial experience in development, control and remote systems automation. Three features for the best efficiency and support. The company focuses its resources on the development and the construction of new charge and discharge machines and hardware and software systems for regenerating batteries. Based in San Marino, the company serves the world market as a reference of innovation and quality. In its projects, GOT finds Softwares and Machines development for regenerating gel batteries, lithium ion batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Battery Charger

Line of electric chargers dedicated to the business and consumer worlds

Battery Discharger

Wide range of professional dischargers


Supply of Technical Fluid for battery regeneration and maintenance


IT system highly specialised in monitoring


Control Station for the maintenance and treatment of batteries